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> Stop wasting money printing
> Start saving the environment

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Do you own a shop?

Since COVID-19 people prefer not to touch paper offers.
Do not stay behind

  • Stop wasting money printing

    You don't need to print thousands of leaflets anymore. With Weby, your leaflets will be easily delivered to your real target, as well as to many other potential customers.

  • Increase your sales

    With Weby, your shop can be in every mobile screen, having thus a better chance to reach a bigger audience. More people viewing your brand, more people interested in it!

  • Save the environment

    Contribute to a healthy environment with an eco-friendly system totally paper free. Avoid printing tons of leaflets that take more than 100 YEARS to decompose in nature.

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You can reach people everywhere

It is viewed by everyone around malta, not only people who live near your shop or who you deliver your printed leaflets to.

Your leaflets and offers can now be seen on each screen around Malta.


Why should you use Weby?

  • Spend less money printing

    Every year an average small shop spends more then €2000 printing leaflet offers (not considering designs & distributions), and all of this knowing that 99% of the leaflets will be thrown away without any result and just polluting the environment.

    With Weby you can do much more without printing, much better than a letterbox.

  • Leaflet Announcements & Reminders

    We will be notifying all of our subscribers through our different channels every time that your new leaflet has been launched online. And to make sure that they don't forget about you, we will even remind them about your offers a few days later.

    Much better than printing leaflets and leaving them on the streets to be thrown away, don't you think?

  • Monthly Statistics

    Soon we will be sending you monthly statistics on how many times your leaflets, the location of your shops and your website have been clicked.

How can Weby help your business?

  • Your LEAFLETS & BRAND on every monitor

  • Effective use of TIME and MONEY

  • Direct CUSTOMER targeting

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